3rd Nepal IMO TST

The 3rd Nepal TST was hosted on May 11, 2019 at Texas College of Management & IT, Nepal by Deepak Bastola in 270 minutes.

In this test there were 3 problems in NGA format and those were proposed by Anton Trygub, Anton Trygub, Arseniy Nikolaev respectively.

The exam booklet has been prepared by Anton Trygub, Vergelea Vlad Stefan, Amin Hashemi (AVA) from IMECO team. With special thanks to Deepak Bastola, Bhadra Man Tuladhar.

In this 2019 S’Cool Camp a lot of people helped us to provide the best services for Nepal mathematical contestants. Here is a list of people Behind S’Cool IMO training Camp 2019 in Nepal Hosted by IMECO:

  • Deepak Bastola
  • Vergelea Vlad Stefan
  • Amin Hashemi
  • Anton Trygub
  • Fedir Yudin
  • Alexandru Lopotenco
  • Arseniy Nikolaev
  • Iacobus Dillon Amdres
  • Amir Hossein Parvardi
  • Mohammad Jafari
  • Mehdi Ghassemi
  • Thamim Zahin
  • Many other people who helped us with this camp

As a report of the exam, we provide a bunch of pictures from the test. You can check this on Instagram:

To download the booklet use the following button:

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